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Name: Lily

Age: 17

Height: 5'4''

Strengths: Her kindness and optimism

Weaknesses: Trusting too easily; Her hesitation to fight

Extra: At first, Lily may appear shy and a little....out there, but you soon see t hat she is softhearted and caring. She doesn't catch on quickly to possible danger, and her trusting nature tends to leave her in pain. Lily is never the first to head into battle, but of the three, she may just be the bravest in her own unique way.

Name: Violet

Age: 18

Height: 5'0''

Strengths: Her energy and imagination

Weaknesses: Recklessness and Doubt

Extra: Violet is passionate and fun-loving. She shares a powerful curiousity with Lily, but is usually the only one to "get to the bottom of things". Lily says that Violet's ability to tackle the unkown head-on is "bravery". But Iris just calles it "reckless stupidity". Nevertheless, if things get too quiet, you can count on Violet to stir things up.

Name: Iris

Age: 17

Height: 5'5''

Strengths: Tranquility and Battle Skill

Weaknesses: Bottling things in, Inability to trust new things

Extra: Iris is cold and skeptical... until she warms up to you. Once she has, she can feel safe enough to laugh and be herself. At first she is intimidating, but if the people she cares for are ever threatened, she will not hesitate to defend them with all of her ability.

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